RunnersPlan is about spreading the runners high.  The feelings of anticipation, adrenaline, grit, will, euphoria, and achievement.

I've been to this place before
I start to doubt my whole motivation for doing this
Is this really worth it?
Quit now. 
I could be in bed now sleeping or relaxing.
But I've been to this place before.
I know why I am here.
I like the burning happiness.
Time to dig in and accelerate.
No more questions asked.

Does that resonate? 

I hope the following does too because I believe our story is like yours.  RunnersPlan.com was founded on my experience running 5Ks, 10Ks, Turkey Trots and working my way up to halfs, fulls and then working on improving my times.  Like you, I ran before work, after work, on work trips, and at times I skipped running because I was just too tired or needed to down a beer with friends.  Wife, kids, dog, and passions for other activities like mountain biking also pull me in many directions.  With all the noise... tangible goals, plans, and support enabled me to achieve so much more with my running.  What I saw is that a personal running coach with a tailored plan is not for everyone or accessible to everyone.  Running with running groups has been key to successful training but often there is little focus on plans and off-run engagement so ultimately you are left to figure it out on your own. 

Training plans on RunnersPlan provide a free, accessible, and easy way for any runner to track his or her training, improve fitness, and achieve goals.  RunnersPlan was born out of the need to provide a simple, accessible-to-all alternative to pen and paper run training plans and progress tracking.  

RunnersPlan aims to provide an authentic running community that will be there for you each step of the way.

RunnersPlan is for all runners.  

Run On hang ten,


Chief Running Officer